French police intercept terrorists

The French police managed to prevent a terrorist attack the day before last week's knife attack in Paris. Two men from an Egyptian background planned an attack with either explosives or the fast-working poison ricine. The men were arrested last

Technologies: who will be in power?

It seems like currently every day could be counted as a year. The rhythm of life got so fast that I can’t help but wonder if the Earth increased its speed as well. We’re rushing to get everything done as
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Ripped jeans pose health risk

As temperatures rise and people spend more time in the sun, instagram is flooding with students sporting reddish tiger stripes. The perpetrators? Sunlight and ripped jeans.  Dermatologist and skin cancer specialist Dr. Maselis warns people against staying out in the

Large tornado hit Germany

In the German province of Nordrhein-Westfalen, about an hour from the Belgian border, a tornado tore through several houses. The tornado itself only lasted 15 minutes, but it caused enough damage that several houses were declared uninhabitable for the night.

Plastic bottles hunt is on

It is neither a joke nor a science fiction. The ‘hunt’ for plastic is a reality created by Plastic Whale, the first professional plastic fishing company that started in 2011 as a dream to construct a boat out of recycled

Bookstores decadence?

According to the Syndicat neutre pour indépendants (SNI – Neutral Union for Independents), three  Belgian bookstores close their doors every two weeks. In addition, the general number of this establishments decreased by almost 20% between 2011 and 2016, from 3,950

Arizona scientists discovered the puppy cuteness peak

A study from the Arizona State University suggests that humans perceive pupies as most adorable when they're eight weeks old. The research project was led by professor of psychology Clive Wynne. According to his research, the peak coincides with the