What happens when someone is not strong enough to confront her weaknesses, her loneliness and the feeling that everyone set her aside?

Thirteen Reasons Why is the new series that is known around the world. Young people experience many emotional and complicated situations that have an important influence on their feelings and how Netflix do that is the reason of the success.

First season story

This disturbing story is told from Clay’s point of view, Clay secretly had a crush on the main character, Hannah Baker.

Before she killed herself, Hannah Baker recorded an emotional audio diary explaining why she decided to end her life. She also included a map with the locations she discussed on the audio tapes. To be sure that everyone listen to her messages and follow the rules on the tapes, she set up a system that would publish her entire audio diary to the world if they did not follow the rules. Clay Jensen received the tapes, he listened to every audio recording one by one.

Beside this, Hannah’s parents are doing a legal report to the school, trying to find out why their daughter took that decision while the school did nothing. They knew for certain that something happened there. Moreover, the others teenagers that were involved in Hannah’s suicide were afraid, and the information the tapes included had an enormous impact on their lives..

Data sheet

Thirteen Reasons Why is based on the best-selling young adult novel by Jay Asher from 2007. Ten years after the publication of the book Netflix made an adaptation. This series was released on 31 of March. Until now the rate of this series on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has been 9 to 10.

The series Thirteen Reasons Why was written by Brian Yorkey. The first two episodes were directed by Tom McCarthy. Each episode takes 48-61 minutes.

The new mode to tell drama stories.


From the beginning you know that Hannah is dead, this is not the mystery but you don’t know why she made this decision. Every audio tape brings new intrigues. Furthermore, you are searching where Clay’s tape is it and what he did.

Soundtrack and the visual footage

The visuals and music are a delight, even when the story is tough to watch. The music fits the emotional and slow episodes very well.

Non-linear storytelling

This is a narrative drama told in a different way. The story jumps from Hannah’s time to Clay’s, through a series of flashbacks. Some years ago this type of non-linear storytelling was refused, but now is not only accepted, it is also exciting for most viewers. There are other series that have the same structure and are also welcomed at the moment like Pretty Little Liars, Stranger Things and Westworld.

If you are interested in the newest coming-of-age drama around the world right now and if you want to see another non-linear drama storytelling this is the show for you.

Text: Raquel Guardia, photos and videos: ©Youtube, ©Netflix