21bis-TV: Why are Belgian brewers winning awards overseas?

This week it’s all about beer. We invited two experts. Like all episodes we will end the show with some poetry, this time a proverb from Uganda.

Mondo’s major guest is Carl Kins, a brewer who explains what it takes to become one and why Belgians are so talented at making award-winning beers. Lander Jespers joins the conversation to talk about how he as a student, invented one himself called Luvanium in the city of Leuven. The beer is based on an old recipe dating back to the middle ages.

Last but not least, Moses an international student from Uganda chose a proverb from his home country and explains what meaning it has to the Ugandese people in everyday life.


Programmamedewerkers: Yarnick Piscador, Matthijs Hendrickx, Jolien Bogaerts, Céline Jalil, Melissa van Wijngaarde, Stijn Florquin, Nino Savenberg, Manon Van Wynsberghe, Geert-Jan Orleans en Lise De Backer