3 hidden gems in Limburg international students should know of

Full of nature

Foreign students studying in Belgium often visit big cities such as Ghent, Brussels or Antwerp. However, there is more to see. Even though you might be on the road for a little while, these hidden gems full of nature are worth a look.

  1. Lommelse Sahara

The deserted area in Lommel called Lommelse Sahara is popular with the habitants of the city, but outsiders often don’t know it exists. In the center of the Lommelse Sahara there is a big lake which is surrounded by tourist hotspots such as the thirty meters high watchtower. Fear of heights? No worries, it is provided with three different platforms. The Lommelse Sahara is ideal for hikers and mountain bikers. Check the guidelines and you can find the most suitable route for you.

©Laura Liebens

  1. Blotevoetenpad in Zutendaal

The bare feet path or in Dutch het blotevoetenpad, is for those who are tired of ordinary hiking trails. You can walk through cold and warm, wet and dry, wood and grass and a lot more contrasts to stimulate your bare feet. The three kilometer long path is provided with several obstacles where you can climb, walk over a suspension bridge and much more. Close to the path there is a butterfly garden where you can see about thirty kinds of butterflies.

  1. Reading Between the Lines in Borgloon

It’s also called doorkijkkerk which means a church to look through. This is a piece of art on a hill in Borgloon made by two artists who call themselves Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. The transparent church is surrounded by nature where you can have a relaxing walk and take a look at the castles that are near. When you look further you can see the church tower from the village on which the art is based. There is also the opportunity to visit the vineyard nearby for a complete day trip.

Text: Laura Liebens, photo: ©Laura Liebens, Lieteberg.be, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)