5 coolest robots: time to get another family member

Check the newest accomplishments in the robotic field. Pixabay

We’re much closer to the robotic revolution than you might think. And just to be clear, it doesn’t necessarily mean an invasion or an apocalypse. Here are the five newest accomplishments in the robotic field. All of them were presented in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, the biggest exposition of all the latest technological developments.

Buddy the robot

Buddy is a creation of the French robotics firm Blue Frog, This robot can be really practical for your home and family as it keeps the conversation, recognizes each family member by their voice and face, besides, it can make a phone or a video call, take a picture, play music and videos. In addition, Buddy can wake you up or switch on and off different devices. When you aren’t at home, Buddy will serve as a security guard. If it detects any suspicious and unusual activity, the robot will immediately inform you.


Sophia is a very interesting case. Why? This humanoid robot from Hong Kong’s company Hanson Robotics has become a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Now you’ve officially seen everything. This robot isn’t for sale yet but it definitely shows where the technology is heading to. She is very human-like and can take a part in nearly any conversation. You can see how Sophia can interact with people in the video from the press conference where she was the main speaker.

Sony’s New Aibo Bot

Have you been dreaming about a dog but certain pet-connected inconveniences and responsibilities didn’t let you have one? Then Aibo can become your new best friend. The first version of this dog was introduced in 1999 but until now, it has evolved significantly. This edition of the puppy plays, responds to voice commands, picks up a bone, recognizes faces and even reacts to patting. In addition, each robo-pup develops its unique personality learning from the owners.

Aeolus Bot

We all witnessed or maybe even had one of the first robots, the vacuum cleaning one. It could spin around the house doing its job with no human help required. However, now everything has developed incredibly and technicians are ready to present this household robot assistant. Apart from vacuum cleaning, Aeolus Bot can keep an eye on the house as well as clean away any objects by recognizing them and putting them in the right place. In addition, it recognizes your favourite drink and hands it to you.

Kuri the robot

The last robot on this list is also designed to help around the home. It can communicate, take and send pictures or videos and play games with you. Kuri can navigate really well, moving around any space without hitting the objects. It was created by the start-up company from Bosch Mayfield Robotics. Its CEO Mike Bebee says that they were working a lot on the emotional part: ‘When people think of bringing a robot into their home, they do not think of it as buying an appliance but rather as adopting a creature.’

Text: Alexandra Rumiantseva, picture: ©