5 things you should know about Royal Antwerp FC

Next season Royal Antwerp FC will return to first division. A good reason to go see ‘The Great Old’ play. But first, here are 5 things you should know about RAFC.

After thirteen hard years, Royal Antwerp FC has made it back to the first division. The oldest club in Belgium still carries on a lot of traditions from the earliest days of football. Each day, the RAFC fans relive the club’s most glorious moments. Games like the ‘Miracle of Vitosha’ and the European Cup final are still cherished by many Antwerpians. Although those days seemed to be gone for good, the fans kept coming to the infamous Bosuilstadium. Their perseverance payed of and next year they will see their team play against the best clubs in Belgium. It’s the right time for football lovers visiting Belgium to see what all the fuzz is about. Thomas Slembrouck, Communication Manager at Royal Antwerp FC, sums up five things you should know before you go see ‘The Great Old’ play.


Reportage: Maxim Gerin