If you want to see a plot about a variety of topics, Orphan Black is your series. It mixes clones,  conspiracy, ethical issues, stereotypes, punks, eroticism and every single kind of genre at some point: action, romance, science fiction, thriller and humor.  

A little bit more?

Sarah is a young orphan whose life is totally out of control. One day, Sarah sees Beth, a girl that looks exactly like her, commit suicide at the train station. In shock, Sarah decides to steal the identity of Beth. Sarah finds herself in a terrible situation about a company that used to deal with cloning. She starts working as a police officer to try to discover more about clones.  The story moves forward along with Sarah looking for her clone sisters (each one having her own lifestyle)  and trying to survive the evil company that wants to finish off all of them around the world.

Data sheet

Orphan Black was created by John Fawcett, director of series like The man in the High Castle or Taken and Graeme Manson, one of the writers of the series Cube. It is a Canadian production by BBC America. It was released in 2013 and each episode takes some 45 minutes.

From 2014 until 2016 Orphan Black received some awards and nominations. It has four nominations as a best genre TV series, six nominations for the best actress. In 2016 Tatiana Maslany won an Emmy for best drama actress. She is the main character who plays at least four roles at the same time.

Why is it unforgettable?

What makes this series incredible is how the creators and the writers made this plot so well connected and with so many different stories. The constant rhythm of every episode intrigues you. Furthermore the themes are highly interesting. It’s not only entertainment, the episodes also make you think about what you are watching. They talk about moral and philosophical issues in terms of sexuality, violence, identity and family. And finally  they have one main theme, the clones.

The main actress is Tatiana Maslany who plays the roles of Sarah, Beth, Alison, Cosima and some clones. Actually I can’t be impartial about her. When I saw every character she played she became my favourite  actress, indeed the best actress I have seen in my life. And also the extravagant Felix, who is her stepbrother acts fantastically. Then there is Mrs S, who adopted Felix and Sarah and who also takes care of Sarah’s daughter Kira. All these characters have an evolution and this makes each of them totally different from  the others.

The way this series is shot is absolutely taken care of. It’s art.

You must not miss this fabulous series. I recommend it for 100%

Text: Raquel Guardia, video: ©youtube BBC America, photo: ©BBC America, Orphan Black, ©filmaffinity, ©Google, link @BBC America, Orphan Black.