Longform: Voices from the cocaine capital of Europe

Over the last few years, the harbour of Antwerp has turned into the main entry point for the flow of cocaine into Europe. Cocaine business has caused the development of a parallel society in which violence, money laundering, and youth


Charming Caucasus: where East meets West

Countries on the eastern side of our European continent have always fascinated me, and every year when picking my next holiday destination I tend to travel to the right side of the globe, while many others choose a more conventional


Tasty Tuesday – Dutch tompouce

A pastry that’s known to every true Dutchie, but probably less familiar to foreigners. When visiting the Netherlands you will find them in every bakery window or supermarket. Crispy with a creamy filling, the shiny pink coating on top (which,


Debunking disinformation one tweet at the time

From gossip between friends to political propaganda, misinformation has always been around, but the way it is spreading is changing. 21bis met Aoife Gallagher from Storyful, a fact-checking agency specialized in social media. Learn how one company has made it


Mechelen – from shithole to Pearl of Flanders

To most people, Mechelen seems to be a very safe place. But the city has not always been this peaceful. Bart Somers, mayor of Mechelen: ‘the (student) city has progressed so much in the past 15 years, it is hard