Gotcha More, coming soon to Mechelen

Eliminate your opponents in order to become the last person standing. Gotcha is a game of tactics, tension and a tad of luck. It’s rather popular amongst youth movements and youngsters alike, and that’s why Student Information Network (SIN) created


Tasty Tuesday: Belgian Waffles

When someone mentions a ‘Belgian waffle’ they usually mean a Brussels waffle. However, that one isn’t the sole famous Belgian waffle. Another, maybe even better known waffle for the Belgians is the Liège waffle. You can find the waffles at


Energy deficit: It’s gonna be okay, probably

Belgium announced an energy deficit during winter, and consequently a blackout plan. Though it probably won’t come to that, you should know what to expect. Belgium announced energy deficit At the moment there is only one nuclear reactor operational in


Christmas stores: ‘tis the season… apparently?

Summer has only just made its exit, and Christmas stores and collections are already lurking around the corner. This raises the question: isn’t it too soon to spread the Christmas cheer? According to some students it’s definitely not: ‘I tag