Music, politics and climate strikes in Belgium explained on 21bis TV. including an international pannel who get a taste of what Belgium is like.

Michiel De Vydt, expert on contemporary protest participation, explains the Belgian phenomenon of schoolstrikes for the climate. Bart Steenhaut, Belgian music journalist talks about the Belgian music scene.

A pannel of international students containing Carmen Moya Tárraga from Spain, Terence Shane Coronel from Suriname and Deliah Bradley from U.S.A. get to know belgian cuisine and politics in a fun way.

And to top everything off, up and coming hip-hop group REWIND from Leuven performs their new song Gelato.


Crew: Arthur van Duyse, Ellen Boonen, Jarno Treuttens, Michelle Peters, Jan De Bent, Neel Cornelis, Kobe Velle, Roan Vermeyen, Lara Richir, Nick Busschots, Christopher Kabeya, Kyra Bulinckx

Picture : © Kobe Velle