Kingsman 2: James Bond but with humour

The first Kingsman film the Secret Service was without a doubt the biggest cinematic surprise of 2014: an explosive plot, a killer villain and action sequences to die for. Why jeopardize that by making a sequel? Director Matthew Vaughn tried

‘I want to break the taboo’

Catcalling is something that happens every day. It suggests that guys shouts something at a girl, walking down the street, her about her body. Some girls think it is a way to brighten their day, others find it sexual harassment.
Luc Mercelis (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Surprising Belgium: ‘de Boerentoren’, first skyscraper of Europe

Surprising Belgium: Everything you didn't know about this little country. This time: de Boerentoren, or the Farmer's Tower (KBC Tower) in Antwerp. Built in 1932, it was the first skyscraper of Europe.  The tower is a remarkable landmark in the skyline of Antwerp. Discover its secrets in

Mechelen meets street art

Mechelen is most famous for its St. Rumbold’s Cathedral and brewery ‘Het Anker’, where they brew Gouden Carolus. But if you walk through the streets of Mechelen, you will notice some hidden street art. Shamisa Debroey (28) is one of
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