Tasty Tuesday – Enjoy your Spanish tortilla de patatas

The spanish omelette or potato omelette, is one of the most popular dishes in Spain. It’s prepared in all Spanish homes and it’s the more requested ‘tapa’ in the restaurants, no matter in which part of Spain you are eating

Italian dishes you NEED to try

The Italian Ministry of Culture announced 2018 as the year of Italian food. Here are some hints on what you should try. According to Enrico Solinas, who is a student at Thomas More University but comes from Sardinia, Italian food

Learning languages in Mechelen

Nowadays learning languages becomes more and more popular. Knowledge of English occurs as something common and it is required in many places regardless of if you’re applying for a job or just like to travel. In this case being multilingual

tasty tuesday – German Käsespätzle

Germany is famous for its Schnitzel and Currywurst. However, the country also has food traditions that vegetarians like me can enjoy. One of these traditional dishes are Käsespätzle (cheese spaetzle), depending on the region and the way of preparation also

Finding psychological help at Thomas More

Coming to Belgium can be a challenge for many international students. Struggles of adapting to a new country are sometimes coupled with very personal problems and might trigger the need to talk to someone about it. What's the easiest way
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