5 most popular hashtags of all times

Who can imagine social media communication without the # symbol? Since it first appeared in 2007, the hashtag has taken root confidently and now it’s used over hundred million times per day. #barcamp - the literal the name of the

Plastic bottles hunt is on

It is neither a joke nor a science fiction. The ‘hunt’ for plastic is a reality created by Plastic Whale, the first professional plastic fishing company that started in 2011 as a dream to construct a boat out of recycled

3 Belgian bookstores close every two weeks

According to the Syndicat neutre pour indépendants (SNI – Neutral Union for Independents), three  Belgian bookstores close their doors every two weeks. In addition, the general number of this establishments decreased by almost 20% between 2011 and 2016, from 3,950
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