5 tricks for efficient exam preparation

The end of May doesn’t only suppose the summer approach, a lot of sunny days and the picnic weather, it also means that the exam period is far closer than we would want to. However, you’re still on time to


5 most popular hashtags of all times

Who can imagine social media communication without the # symbol? Since it first appeared in 2007, the hashtag has taken root confidently and now it’s used over hundred million times per day. #barcamp – the literal the name of the


Plastic bottles hunt is on

It is neither a joke nor a science fiction. The ‘hunt’ for plastic is a reality created by Plastic Whale, the first professional plastic fishing company that started in 2011 as a dream to construct a boat out of recycled


3 Belgian bookstores close every two weeks

According to the Syndicat neutre pour indépendants (SNI – Neutral Union for Independents), three  Belgian bookstores close their doors every two weeks. In addition, the general number of this establishments decreased by almost 20% between 2011 and 2016, from 3,950


Summer weather is to come

Good news, you can take your summer clothes out again this weekend. After all the heavy rains, thunderstorms and strong cold wind, good weather will come to Belgium. From Friday, May 4 the temperatures will get above 20 °C. The

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