#gettingmarried: There is no age on love

Thinking about getting married? You probably don't. That doesn’t count for Kimberly (22), who was married at the age of 20. ‘Martin and I got married in July 2016.  We met each other on the train, he was a friend

Most expensive painter hosts exhibition Prague

If you're looking for an affordable city trip and an impressive cultural activity, go to Prague. 21bis visited both the city and the National Gallery for you. The Kinsky Palace, near the Astronomical Clock in the center of Prague, is hosting

Students vs. Brexit

Brexit is one of the most complex topics in the news right now. Since the referendum of June last year, the British government has tried to come up with a strategy that would benefit the British population as much as

Orthorexia: When healthy becomes unhealthy

In our current food obsession culture, healthy eating can take on a quality similar to religious fervour. Certain foods are sinful and eating in a certain rigid way is godly and rewarded. But too much of everything is not good.

‘Attacks cannot be forgotten’

Today marks the first birthday of the Brussels bombings. A birthday without candles, wishes and presents will be held at the Schuman square in Brussels. Exactly one year ago terrorists carried out a bomb attack as an attempt to hit
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