How to make your (Mechelen) life more sustainable

Sustainability has become a very popular and urgent issue. It is clear that especially Western consumption patterns have contributed enormously to the destruction of our planet. Here are five easy ways to make your life (in Mechelen) more sustainable. Recently,

Italian dishes you NEED to try

The Italian Ministry of Culture announced 2018 as the year of Italian food. Here are some hints on what you should try. According to Enrico Solinas, who is a student at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences but comes from Sardinia,

3 (nearly 4) Flemish series to watch on Netflix

There is an abundance of American and British series on Netflix, however, now more than ever Netflix chooses to invest in diversity. All these new, foreign series are a great way to learn a new language or get familiar with another

9 hotspots in Mechelen

I have lived in Mechelen for more than two years now. I will gladly show you my favorite spots: 1. De Zondvloed   Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram   Dertig graden buiten, veertig graden binnen en toch een overvolle zaal?
Photo obtained from Pexels

6 great places in Mechelen to eat

Mechelen have so many nice restaurants where you can eat. Here are some recommendations that will make you hungry instantly. Being an student is not always easy, even less so when you are living in a different town during your studies.

5 most popular hashtags of all times

Who can imagine social media communication without the # symbol? Since it first appeared in 2007, the hashtag has taken root confidently and now it’s used over hundred million times per day. #barcamp - the literal the name of the
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