5 things you should know about Belgian beer

Wait! Before reading, why don’t you take a bottle of beer from your fridge?  experiencing the smooth taste of beer and absorbing the knowledge about it, why not it is a good choice for you? Of course, most people like

Gameforce to make way for indie games

Heads up gamers! Gameforce, the biggest gaming convention in Belgium, is taking over the Nekkerhal in Mechelen this weekend. Stijn Van Coillie (28), the main developer of Belgian indie studio ‘God as a Cucumber’, will present his newest game No

‘Merlí’ philosophy series

If you are looking for a series with an engaging plot, realistic youngsters, romance, and philosophy, you should watch Merlí (Merlin), a Catalan series. Merlí is a creation by Héctor lozano in 2015. The series was released in TV3 channel.

The deal with bananas

Yesterday I was shopping for fruit and I found myself wondering. These are Chiquita bananas. I can buy this product with a clean conscience, right? Do the people who harvest these still get exploited by the Chiquita company? It’s 2017,

Review ‘Celda 211’: A beast with a heart

The movie Celda 211 includes fundamental themes such as humanity, love, fear… It is a classical suspense film about prisoners and riots in cells. Some Spanish directors, films or series are unknown around the world, but they are magnifics so
jongen laat GSM vallen van dak

Oude Nokia 3310 evenwaardig aan nieuwe

De nieuwe 'Nokia 3310' is vanaf vandaag verkrijgbaar in België. De oude versie wordt nagenoeg onverwoestbaar genoemd. Maar hoe zit het met de sterkte van de huidige smartphones en is de oude 'Nokia 3310' wel echt onverwoestbaar? Reportage: Jorn Van

Rouhani wins Iranian elections

Current Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected for another term. He won with 57 percent of the votes and leaves his biggest opponent Erahim Raisi far behind. 73 percent of the Iranians casted their vote on Friday. ‘With more
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