Youngster are naivety

Polseres vermelles is a story of youngs patients who lives in the hospital the most part of the year.  You can witness talks about friendship, desire to live and to get better. First season Jordi is a cancer patient from


How to become a movie director

A lot of young people dream of becoming a movie director, but only a few actually make it there. One of them is Martina Spura, she’s a movie director for the Czech science institute. Her most recent film The Landscape


International Comic Fair ridiculed in Spain

Social media fiercely reacted against Spanish TV shows ridiculing cosplayers and their culture. The journalist Miguel Martín ridiculise some cosplayers of the comic fair in Barcelona during the comedy program Dani & Flo on Cuatro, one of the most important


13 Reasons Why Hannah commits suicide

What happens when someone is not strong enough to confront her weaknesses, her loneliness and the feeling that everyone set her aside? Thirteen Reasons Why is the new series that is known around the world. Young people experience many emotional and


Unforgettable series about clones

If you want to see a plot about a variety of topics, Orphan Black is your series. It mixes clones,  conspiracy, ethical issues, stereotypes, punks, eroticism and every single kind of genre at some point: action, romance, science fiction, thriller and


Orphan Black returns with a final season

The fifth and final season of the Canadian science fiction series Orphan Black  will start on June 10. The BBC America posted the final teaser of Orphan Black. This series was launched on 2013 in a production of BBC AMERICA.


5 reasons why college students make unhealthy food choices

In the world of endless studying and nonstop exams, students can forget to eat healthy. Instead, they tend to choose unhealthy alternatives that are more convenient.  But are unhealthy food choices worth regretting that day’s choices? Or, worse, regretting a


Orthorexia: When healthy becomes unhealthy

In our current food obsession culture, healthy eating can take on a quality similar to religious fervour. Certain foods are sinful and eating in a certain rigid way is godly and rewarded. But too much of everything is not good.

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