Kingsman 2: James Bond but with humour

The first Kingsman film The Secret Service was without a doubt the biggest cinematic surprise of 2014: an explosive plot, a killer villain and action sequences to die for. Why jeopardize that by making a sequel? Director Matthew Vaughn tried

‘Merlí’ philosophy series

If you are looking for a series with an engaging plot, realistic youngsters, romance, and philosophy, you should watch Merlí (Merlin), a Catalan series. Merlí is a creation by Héctor lozano in 2015. The series was released in TV3 channel.

Review ‘Celda 211’: A beast with a heart

The movie Celda 211 includes fundamental themes such as humanity, love, fear… It is a classical suspense film about prisoners and riots in cells. Some Spanish directors, films or series are unknown around the world, but they are magnifics so

First love is never forgotten

Black Hills is Nora Robert’s best book. You can find a love story born in the lovers’ childhood. Animal love is one of the strongest point that this story is based. Romance and thriller are the perfect mash-up for this

VTM-programma ‘De uitverkorenen’ kan maar matig bekoren

Na een lange en mysterieuze campagne kende het VTM-programma 'De uitverkorenen' gisteren zijn eerste aflevering. Niemand wist wat het programma precies inhield. Het mysterie dat rond de serie werd opgebouwd moest kijkers trekken. Wij hebben gekeken. Luister naar onze ongegezouten mening.

Youngster are naivety

Polseres vermelles is a story of youngs patients who lives in the hospital the most part of the year.  You can witness talks about friendship, desire to live and to get better. First season Jordi is a cancer patient from

13 Reasons Why Hannah commits suicide

What happens when someone is not strong enough to confront her weaknesses, her loneliness and the feeling that everyone set her aside? Thirteen Reasons Why is the new series that is known around the world. Young people experience many emotional and

Unforgettable series about clones

If you want to see a plot about a variety of topics, Orphan Black is your series. It mixes clones,  conspiracy, ethical issues, stereotypes, punks, eroticism and every single kind of genre at some point: action, romance, science fiction, thriller and
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