Lennert (23): 'Deaf people are proud at their deaf identity.'

Sign language: talking with hands so to speak?

Sign language is not universal. Not all deaf people speak one sign language. There are at least as many sign languages as spoken languages, and they’re not connected to each other. Teacher and researcher Myriam Vermeerbergen is frustrated about the

7 Christmas markets you must visit this month

December has finally arrived! The last month of the year, also known as the time of celebrating festivities and attending Christmas markets. Put on a Christmassy song and discover some great fairs you should definitely visit this month! 1. Bremen,

A Chinese girl views its government and its human rights

China is one of the biggest countries in the world. However, the human rights in China are not  same as in other developed countries. Chinese female exchange student Kelly (23), studying Interior Design at Thomas More, shares her opinions about

Is gaming difficult to combine with studies at college?

When we think of gamers, we think of people doing nothing else than playing games 24/7. These often-misunderstood creatures have a life outside these fantasy worlds. But is gaming, a rather time-consuming hobby, difficult to combine with studies at college?

The Royal Family: do we still need them?

For UK citizens, the royals are a big deal. They are almost obsessed with them. But why is it so different in Belgium? Do the people in Belgium even know what the function of the king and queen in our
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