Mechelen meets street art

Mechelen is most famous for its St. Rumbold’s Cathedral and brewery ‘Het Anker’, where they brew Gouden Carolus. But if you walk through the streets of Mechelen, you will notice some hidden street art. Shamisa Debroey (28) is one of

#gettingmarried: There is no age on love

Thinking about getting married? You probably don't. That doesn’t count for Kimberly (22), who was married at the age of 20. ‘Martin and I got married in July 2016.  We met each other on the train, he was a friend

‘Maybe I’ll try to be a monk someday’

Napat Sutthiwong is an exchange student studying in Antwerp and a Theravada Buddhist from Thailand. Napat, better known as Don when in Belgium, talks about his religion, cultural differences and an old conflict. ‘Buddhism is a religion of peace and

Belgium as I’ve come to know it

I know what you’re thinking, these lists are done to death and they are always saying the same generic things, so why should you bother reading this one? Having traveled to many places around the world, very little things truly
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