What about weed in Belgium, is it legal or not?

Although marijuana is considered a drug in Belgium, people are allowed to hold a maximum of 3 grams marijuana. On the other hand, next to Belgium, the Netherlands is known as a weed country in the world. However, those two


Dear Babyboomers, what about us?

‘Do I really have to give up on five extra euros of my pension?’ or ‘I don’t see myself working an additional year after my already too long career’. More and more of these bitter statements come to our ears


5 Things how Taiwanese observes Taiwan

I’m proud of being a Taiwanese because Taiwan is really a beautiful small island located in Asia. Our country is famous for its economy and development, but seldom people from western regions know much about it. Instead of other introduction


FACTS to take over Flanders Expo Ghent

It is time to get your geek on, because FACTS will celebrate its 29th edition this weekend. For one weekend the Flanders Expo in Ghent becomes the capital of pop culture. From Game of Thrones to My Little Pony, you


Sugar babies and prostitution: is there a difference?

The Belgian government will take legal action to remove advertisements outside universities which display websites connecting young women with rich men. Belgian ministers say these advertisements encourage debauchery and prostitution. But are these arrangements the same as prostitution? With growing


‘There aren’t many female street artists. Crazy!’

If you walk through the streets of Mechelen, you will notice some hidden street art. Shamisa Debroey (28) is one of the artists that participated in the project Mechelen Muurt. Mark Goss is a graphic designer from London and made


What does a German exchange student think about the German elections?

‘If young people could decide, German history would definitely not repeat itself’,  says Mona, an exchange student at Thomas More, the University of Applied Sciences in Mechelen. What are her thoughts on the result of the recent German elections?  ‘Merkel

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