The European elections, as well as Europe as a whole, are a complete mystery to many people. I decided to write a blog about the upcoming EU elections because I realized that a lot of my friends and fellow students do not know much about it. With this blog, I am aiming at demystifying the upcoming elections – at explaining the elections in simple terms and hence giving everyone who is interested in going to vote a fair chance to understand what they are voting for, how it works, and why it is important.

The EU elections’ voter turnout has been in steady decline in the past 40 years. Especially for us younger Europeans, participating in the elections seems to be little attractive. Yet, participating in European elections means participating in voting for the world’s only directly elected trans-national assembly – the European Parliament. It means voting for the body of the EU that represents the interests of European citizens, passes laws on our protection, laws on budgets, and represents the EU – us citizens – abroad. What is decided in the Parliament ultimately influences our national and often also our regional political and social agendas.

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Text: Alena Bieling, Pictures: ©Alena Bieling