A small portion of french fries, please

In the country of french fries -also known as Belgium- we love to eat fries. But when we do, we often have some leftovers. Marie Vermote, who studies Physical education and Science of movement, researched the Belgian eat pattern and

First male with down syndrome in Belgium politics

Tane Depuydt(18) is the first Belgian candidate in elections with the down syndrome. He’ll be running for the local elections in Brugge for the political party Groen. In the meantime, he is studying office management and plans on opening a

Mawda’s parents fight for their right

Last week, the two-year-old Iraqi-Kurdish Mawda Shawri was shot to dead at a police highway check, between Belgium and France. At a press conference, Mawda’s mom and dad contradicted the version of the court and demanded a parliamentary investigation.