Black Hills is Nora Robert’s best book. You can find a love story born in the lovers’ childhood. Animal love is one of the strongest point that this story is based.

Romance and thriller are the perfect mash-up for this book.

How much can change in our live? Black Hills is an essential book that could answer this fundamental question.

Catching story

In childhood everything seems an adventure, every friend looks as a part of your family. Life is absolutely complete. And how can anyone forget your first love?

When love is reciprocated, it is possible to see the future together. But then adulthood appears, the reality of life smashed in your face and you have to fight alone for your dreams.  It’s time to find your way in your life, and that is what happens in this book. 

Cooper and Lillian met one summer, twelve years ago in the Black Hills, Dakota. They grew up together, spending their time, sharing their mutual love.  Cooper was a city boy while Lillian was a country girl. But some years later they had to follow their dreams, and that meant split their way to get the success in their lives. Cooper became a private detective in his city and Lilly travelled around the world as biologist.

The years passed and their ways met again. Lilly founded an animal’s refuge in Dakota. Meanwhile Coop returned to the country to inherited his grandfather’s ranch.

Together they will have to discover a murderer and confront again their unforgettable and innocent love born in their childhood.

Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is 66 years old. Nowadays she is known as ‘America’s best-selling author’. The New Yorker called her ‘America’s favorite novelist’.

Her first book was Irish Thoroughbred released in 1981, and in 2009 was Black Hills. The last one is Echoes in Death published on February 2017.

Fundamental reasons

Black Hills explains the importance of protecting wild animals, the nature of love and being yourself.

I was forgetting what does it means loving while you are reading a book, and this book caught my heart, the romance and the trepidant detective story.

I forgot what it means to laugh while reading a book. Its romance and the fast-paced. This book caught my heart.

The main characters are credible, they are a representation of young typical guys. They are real.

Another important point is that the strongest girl is not a princess that has to be saved, she is the one who fights for her own life, who conquests the boy and who works for the forgotten animals.

And finally I love Black Hills because there is a something that connects her feelings with the wild animals. And both protect each other even though the animals are wild and dangerous.

Text: Raquel Guardia photo: ©Google