From fresh pizza to bread: Belgian vending machines make your life pretty convenient

Latest and greatest invention called pizza machine.

Shops in Belgium are mostly open till 6 pm, but you are still able to pick up some necessary products even in the evening. Just look around, because probably in close distance you can find some automated options – called ‘automaten’ in Dutch.

Automated storefronts seem to be a new way to satisfy the costumers. Especially when people live in a big rush it gives the opportunity to buy products fast and whenever they are necessary. On the other hand, be aware that you have to spend more money than in regular stores for the same product.


1) Bread machine
After a long day you finally get home. Shops are closed and you are suffering from a lack of bread. Do not worry! In this case your problems can be solved by bread machines, which we found so unique for Belgium. They are located next to the bakeries, at the stations or even just along the streets. Every day you can find many kinds of fresh bread and sandwiches there. Don’t forget to have some coins with you because some machines don’t accept credit cards.


2) Pizza machine
It is time to eat something warm, but you are not at home and there are no restaurants around. Then pizza machines can be a good solution. This Italian dish is served in 4 different flavors: Margherita, Salami, Quatro Formaggi and Prosciutto. It takes the machine only about three minutes to get it prepared and it is not so expensive as well: 6 euros for a fresh pizza. So you can save time which you have to spend on cooking and enjoy your meal wherever you are.


3) Beer machine
The party is on, but you have a shortage of drinks. Belgium, often called “the country of beer”, offers you different kinds of this product, which can be found in special beer machines. They are mostly located at the stations next to some fast food snacks. It is a simple way to find the most common Belgian beers.




Text: Ada Kostrubiec, pictures: ©Ada Kostrubiec