Drive in a genuine racing car at Autoworld

The museum is located in an extraordinary building linked to a large Arch. During World War I it used to be a German garage, then it became a universal centre for documentation. Nowadays it’s a museum with a collection of about three hundred cars.

Visitors are guided through decades of car evolution. The scenography includes many special zones such as Cartoon zone, zone USA and Belgium History, where you can enjoy lots of local brands like Minerva, Germain, FN and Imperia.

The temporary exhibition Porsche 70th Anniversary has 65 Porsches in store to tell you more about the story of perhaps the most important and well-known brand of competition cars.

Autoworld has also attractions for children. In the Sport & Competition section, children can sit in a genuine racing car and pretend being a champion of a motor race by climbing onto the top step of the podium.

To truly immerse yourself in the universe of Autoworld, take a look at guided tours, which are tailored for children and adults.

Autoworld has a collection of about three hundred cars. ©Autoworld


Watch a classical movie at the Cinematek

It is definitely a place to go to see classic films such as ‘Dracula 1930’, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and other best films of all times. It is also one of the most important film archives in the world open to the public and researchers. Current retrospective focuses on Michel Gondry, known by producing variety of films. ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ is among them.

The museum gives several possibilities to dive into the culture of cinema. The permanent exhibition, which is free during the opening hours, displays the objects of the filming process. This museum is a best choice for cinephiles, cinema goers and families. The regular ticket price is 4 euro.

Cinematek is definitely a place to go and see the best films of all times.


Listen to colorful music at the Musical Instruments Museum

Musical Instruments Museum

The Musical Instruments Museum (MIM) is one of the richest museums dedicated to historical and modern instruments. It used to be attached to the Brussels Royal Music Conservatory and it provided educational purposes by showing students musical instruments from the past. Nowadays it has become a part of the Royal Museums for Art and History which offers on display a collection of 1,100 historical and modern musical instruments.

The exhibition is divided in two sections. The first one introduces the visitors to the instruments from the long past and the second one shows the world of modern music from the 19th and 20th centuries, until nowadays.

To experience your visit to the fullest, MIM offers their visitors the audio & video guide which allows you to listen to the rich past of music. Don’t forget to visit the bar at the top of the building and enjoy the Brussels’ panoramic view.

MIM has a collection of 1,100 historical and modern musical instruments © Ninoslava Milić


Face the diverse history at the AfricaMuseum

AfricaMuseum – Royal Museum for Central Africa

The AfricaMuseum is one of the most impressive museums of DR Congo and the African continent in the world. It is located in the village of Tervuren, close to Brussels and is famous for its beautiful parks and gardens.

After a restoration period of four years, the totally renewed museum reopened in December 2018. The collection includes many zoological specimens, photos of the 19th and 20th century, rock samples and ethnographic objects of the former Belgian colony. The collection is an interesting attraction for tourists but at the same time it’s also part of an ongoing historical research in cooperation with African museums and universities.

The museum offers you various collections such us Reality and fiction in ethnographic photography of the 1950s, and the collection of ancient maps with about 3,500 in print. The oldest one dates from 1511.

The Royal Museum for Central Africa also thinks about young visitors. Children are guided through African musical instruments during a unique music workshop.


The collection includes many zoological specimens. © Lionel Allorge/Wikicommon



Play with the puppets

International Puppet Museum Peruchet

It is regarded as the first International Puppet Museum founded in the 20th century. This museum shows 4,000 puppets from all over the world. It is situated in a 18th century cottage. An immense variety of puppets and manipulating techniques will immerse you into the different cultures and époques. Tintin, Japanese Geishas, Chinese dragons and fairy tale characters become alive in the shows being held in the museum. The young visitors will be delighted by the performances of marionettes. It is the only marionette theatre in Belgium. During December, the theatre is playing ‘Casse-Noisettes’, and from the 19th January on, ‘L’Enfant Mozart’.

International Puppet Museum offers performances of marionettes. ©Théâtre Royal du Peruchet


The article was first published in Brussels Express

Text: Ada Kostrubiec & Alevtina Samusseva, pictures: ©Autoworld, © Ninoslava Milić, © Lionel Allorge/Wikicommon, ©Théâtre Royal du Peruchet