Is there a planet B for us?

We’re too spoiled with the comfort. The corporations’ influence is far from good and we know it but they are so addicting that we keep on coming back. Pixabay

It seems like we have nothing to lose or like we’re living in a pink bubble that doesn’t let us see clearly what is happening under our noses. The tricky thing about the bubble is that it is too fragile and it can break any moment. And when it breaks, we’ll see all the harm that the humans have done to nature.

The corporations are the ones that have made an ineffaceable contribution to the current environmental state. Are we living in the ‘corporate’ world? Well, we certainly aren’t ready to give up everything they produce. We’re too spoiled with the comfort. The corporations’ influence is far from good and we know it but they are so addicting that we keep on coming back. I couldn’t help but wonder, what is more important for us: our short-term comfort or the global well-being? Are we selfish enough to give up the planet?

When it comes to business and money, it seems like all the humaneness disappears. You have probably heard of the several unbelievably barbaric Nestle’s scandals. Back in 1974, the company decided to test its new infant milk on African kids. In her report The baby killer (1974) Mike Muller comments on the consequences: ‘Many that do not die are drawn into a vicious cycle of malnutrition and disease that will leave them physically and intellectually stunted for life.’

Even though a lot of countries announced a Nestle boycott, the scandal was almost completely forgotten in the next years. However, it wasn’t the only flaw of the company, there was another huge scandal a few years ago. The corporation extracted millions of gallons of water from a national forest in California to sell it as bottled water, even though the Californians were ordered to cut the water use because of the state’s historic drought. So, why do we keep forgiving them the unforgivable? What is wrong with us?

Some of the giants try hard to hide the truth and to look better. For instance, according to a report from the British research organization Influence Map, the major oil corporations spend nearly $115 million a year to deny climate change. And sometimes some of us believe it. In the end, we always choose what is the most favorable for us to believe in.

I guess we just do not realize how serious the current situation is. In 2010 the United Nations estimated that the world’s biggest companies caused $2.2 trillion of environmental damage. I am afraid this number hasn’t decreased in the last eight years.

And nowadays scientists are looking for another planet where some human beings could possibly move to when we will have destroyed our planet completely. So easy, like it is disposable, like it isn’t giving us food, a place to live and the opportunity to grow and develop. I just can’t understand whether we are ungrateful or simply frivolous. And do we really have that planet B?


Text: Alexandra Rumiantseva, picture: ©