Sina Grace, writer of Marvel, made possible that this company includes a drag queen superhero in their comic Iceman.

The recently launched series included a new mutant on the story. She can teleport, and she can also create and enter a small dimension inside her folding fan. You have heard well: she is the first drag queen superhero of Marvel. And she is called Shade.

The first time we could see how she looks like was in a Tweet that Sina Grace re-tweeted from the Twitter page of the comic.

Shade looks like a mutant full of bright with her big and sparkly queen wig, high-heeled boots, a row of lots of purses across her chest, a bodysuit decorated with an enormous X, and a pair of llamative earrings.

This mutant entered in Iceman, so that means that this comic is now the only one who feature a queer lead character. Bobby Drake (Iceman’s alter ego), is openly gay, and he struggles with his multiple identities. This is what’s in the pages of the spin-off series.

This spin-off seems to be a reappearance to Iceman to Grace. Sina wrote some series featuring the character in 2017, where the superhero fought with his identity. This was cancelled after 11 publications although it has a GLAAD Media Award nomination. It really had critical acclaim, but they barely had sales.

The fact is, that the two larger books called trade paperbacks (trade paperbacks are the collected single monthly issues printed in a graphic novel format) that contained the 11 series, were sold much better than the single ones. This is when Marvel decided to bring Grace back to the studio for a new Iceman series in 2018. The new superhero appeared for the first time in the fourth spin-off’s issue.

As Grace declared in an interview with The Advocate, “I really wanted this series to push reader to new and better stories about the whole queer experience and how it applies to being both mutant and a superhero”.  She also said that “there’s a million different queer perspectives and we’re only scratching the surface”.

She will appear in Iceman number five, and also in a special and annual issue called X-Men: Winter’s End. It is supposed to be out in February. This is just the beginning for Shade, and her story.


Text: Carmen Moya Tárraga