If you are looking for a series with an engaging plot, realistic youngsters, romance, and philosophy, you should watch Merlí (Merlin), a Catalan series.

Merlí is a creation by Héctor lozano in 2015. The series was released in TV3 channel.  TV3 is a Catalan Channel that it only could find in Catalonia. All its programs are in Catalan.

Merlí has become the most important series for young people during the last years. It teaches the viewers about the most important philosophers through the young characters and their habitual lives at school and in their houses. It has some similarities with the known film Death poetry society, directed by Peter Weir in 1989.

The best youngster series

Merlí already has two seasons and in April they will record the third and last season. The director is Eduard Cortés.

The most important characters of the first season are the main character Merlí (Francesc Orella), his son Bruno (David Solans) and his mother Carmina (Anna M. Barany). The usual students called ‘peripatetics’ are the popular Pol and Berta  (Carlos Cuevas and Candela Antón),  the cute and good boy Marc (Adrian Grösser),  the shy and agoraphobic Ivan (Pau Poch) and Bruno’s best friend Tània (Elisabet Casanovas).

In 2016 Netflix bought the series to show it in Latin América and EU

Unusual teacher

Merlí provides a new type of series, with the right amount of entertainment and culture. The story begins with Merlí’s conflict. Merli is a man who doesn’t belong in this world because of his thoughts, like most of the greatest philosophers. He is selfish and narcissistic but has to take care of his son because his ex-wife moved to Rome. Many troubles start because Merlí wasn’t a real father until now. He has to deal with Bruno, who is homosexual, but Bruno doesn’t want to say it. Then Merlí’s mother forces Merlí to find a job and he starts as a teacher of philosophy in the same school as his son. This fact brings the students new ways of thinking and to found who they really are.

While Merlí has a very strong script, with a very good themes, the characterization is too forced, the actors don’t look real when they talk. But this is not important when you listen to the teacher Merlí. When he talks everyone is silent, he is charming and his modus operandi is so strange and eccentric but he becomes beloved for everyone.

If you’re looking for a good interpretation and characterization, you won’t find it in Merlí. But, if you’re looking for a good story, which will make you think and learn about life you should  watch the series. It is innovating and interesting.

Text:Raquel Guardia, picture: CCMA