Do you have a little time left on Thursday the 20th of December? Feel free to visit Campus De Ham to help raise money for charity. Every year the students of the Thomas More college in Mechelen organise their event for the Warmste Week. Each year they choose a different charity. This year they picked Prinses Harte.  

Fifteen students from Media and Entertainment Business, Communication Management and Journalism are organising More For Life this year. An event for the Warmste Week of Studio Brussels. With this event, they want to raise money for Prinses Harte. This non-profit organisation makes boxes for children with cancer who are hospitalised. This is how Prinses Harte wants to make their stay more intense. For example, they make pyjamas with an opening on the side, so that the catheters have space. The boxes also contain cuddly toys for the littlest ones in a princess or knight theme’, says chief organizer Lisa Hendrickx.

The students didn’t choose the charity Prinses Harte randomly. ‘We were looking for a non-profit organisation in Mechelen, because we think it would appeal more to the students. After some charities were listed, it turned out that Prinses Harte had different connections with the school. The founder of the charity and Harte’s father used to work at Stuvo (student services). His daughter, unfortunately, died of cancer, and he named the fund after her’, says Lisa. ‘We chose this charity because they are based in Mechelen and it’s a excellent cause.’

There are a lot of activities on the De Ham campus on Thursday the 20th of December. ‘We’re going to have a marathon radio broadcast. More For Life starts at 8 am and runs until 10 pm. In between, there will also be several performances including bands, small acoustic sessions and comedians.’

Dancing teachers
‘We also have Just Dance battles for which we are collecting money this week. For certain teachers, you have to pay a certain amount of money. If that is collected, the teacher will do a Just Dance battle against a student.’ If you would like to see your favorite teacher dance, you can donate in the collection box at Ria Rousseau’s office on the second floor of campus De Ham. ‘Tom Rumes already dances for 10 euros, I’ll give that myself if necessary. The highest bid is Valentijn Horemans for 200 euros’, says Lisa.

‘This year there will be a secret room. There will be a secret location with a fun activity. It has two different sections, so it is a double secret.’ According to Lisa even the entrance is special. So it will be worth finding it.

Performances by and for Thomas More
‘The performances are diverse and aimed at the students of our campus’, says Lisa. Three students who participated in The Voice will be singing. Natasha, the winner of Belgium’s Got Talent and three DJ’s will be playing.’ But it doesn’t stop there; there is also a little comedy act by Bert Gabriëls. Our main act is a band of teachers; called Thomas and the Mores. It’s a cover band and they are currently rehearsing. They take it very seriously so that’s really nice to see.’

Proud organiser
Lisa is looking forward to the result. ‘During the meetings, it was nice to see how people from different fields of study worked together.’ According to Lisa, sometimes it was difficult to get everyone on the same wavelength. Each student has a different background from their classes. All students learn to brainstorm in different ways, but this is not necessarily a disadvantage. Somehow we are combining the strengths of each other, and the organization is working smoothly. I’m very curious to see the final result of everybody working together on the day itself.’

Lisa is proud of what they have already achieved. ‘We are a nice team and have worked hard to do as much as possible. It is also a team that doesn’t give up. We contacted many big names, but, unfortunately, they said no. And yet the students kept calling. Thanks to this perseverance we have now been able to put together a very nice line-up. It is nice to see that they are passionate about working for charity’.

Everyone is welcome to support our charity. There is free access, so if non-students want to come to enjoy and donate, they can. We have also invited the alumni, so hopefully, the turnout will be high. The next day, the entire organization will go to the Warmste Week at the Puyenbroeck domain to hand over the profits.’

Do you want to see your teachers dancing? Then definitely go to the office of Ria Rousseau on the second floor of campus De Ham. Who doesn’t want to see Valentijn Horemans performing?

You can also request songs by donating €2 to account number BE05 7360 2506 5975 with your song in the announcement. You can also leave your phone number so that our radio producers can call you.

Text: Arkle Clarke and Julie Camberlin, photo: © Thomas & The Mores