Notre dame cathedral partly destroyed by the flames

Firemen worked all night to stop the fire © CNN Español

Yesterday  in the afternoon  we witnessed a real catastrophe when one of the most famous landmarks of France started burning

The cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris, symbol of European culture, was on a very serious fire this Monday that has been knocked down the needle and part of the ceiling. The fireman who worked to keep the fire out of it said that the structure of Notre Dame is safe and preserved now. Currently, the fire is extinguished, but firemen will keep working all day to extract some masterpieces that are still inside the temple.

Emmanuel Macron, the country’s president, promoted in a speech to rebuild the temple. Two-thirds of the cathedral’s roof were burned by the fire. By now, they’re sure the fire isn’t a criminal action, so it seems the fire started from the roof.


Flames inside Notre Dame © Philippe Wojazer / AFP

People in action

As soon as the French population and tourists noticed the fire, most of them went to the cathedral to sing, to pray and to give support to the workers. This tragedy has impacted them due to the historical meaning that this building has. That’s why many people are sharing now on their social media pictures when they visited the cathedral, as a sign of respect for the fireman and all the Parisians.


Where History flows


We can’t forget that Henry VI of England and Napoleon Bonaparte were crowned here in 1429 and in 1804. Also, Joan of Arc was beatified in this cathedral in 1909. But not only because of this It’s important, also because of the wide artistic meaning Notre Dame has. This building from the French gothic architecture has inspired thousands of artists like Picasso, Matisse, Utrillo and Afremov. The cathedral is also the setting for Victor Hugo’s famous novel Our Lady of Paris , which was published in 1831. The book is about the story of Quasimodo, who falls in love with a gypsy woman named Esmeralda. The success of the novel provoked a serious awareness of the value of this enclosure.Notre Dame has inspired to make up many legends too: one of them says that, the gargoyles that are on the temple are supposed to be there to protect it. One curious fact is that last week, some of them were tasks out to be refurbished. Now many people think that maybe that protection was real.

This monument was designated a “World Heritage Site” by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1991 and, despite the fact that it is going to take a long time, Notre Dame will rise from the ashes.

Text: Carmen Moya Tárraga, pictures: © Philippe Wojazer / AFP, Culto, CNN Español