Over 7% of Flemish unemployed are computer illiterate

More than 15000 Flemish unemployed do not have any computer knowledge. Pixabay

More than 15,000 Flemish unemployed do not have any computer knowledge. This problem mainly refers to the low-skilled or older people and the ones with language difficulties. The information is based on the ‘digital portrait’ of the Flemish job seekers created by the Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Service (VDAB).

According to the results, these groups of unemployed do not even have basic computer skills because they are inaccessible via e-mail. 34% of low-skilled people do not fill in their e-mail addresses in the job applications. The percentage is even higher with older unemployed (37%) and people with a language deficit (42%).

The most common reason for not giving their e-mail is a lack of competence to work with the computer. In the general picture, it means that over 7% of job seekers have a problem with the technical ignorance.

Text: Alexandra Rumiantseva, picture: © pixabay.com