The movie Celda 211 includes fundamental themes such as humanity, love, fear… It is a classical suspense film about prisoners and riots in cells.

Some Spanish directors, films or series are unknown around the world, but they are magnifics so you should have the chance to recognize them.

Celda 211 (Cell 211) is an important film. The director Daniel Monzón is a recognized director in Spain.  He was a known critic.

Touching plot

The movie begins with Juan Oliver, a functionary that starts to work in the prison. The place is in a very bad condition and on his first day a piece of roof falls and hurts him. The other functionaries put Juan, who is unconscious, on the bed of the empty cell 211. The last prisoner of the cell committed suicide. At that moment Malamadre, the most dangerous prisoner, begins a violent riot. When the workers realise what happens, they leave Juan behind and run out of the prison.

If Juan doesn’t want to die, he will have to use lies to impersonate Malamadre and he will have to participate in the riot. Doing that he will realise that Malamadre just want to be treated humanely.

Celda 211 is about a riot of prisoners who fight for better conditions.

Competent Spanish director

Daniel Monzón directed four more films, El corazón del guerrero (Warrior Heart), in 1999, El robo más grande jamás contado (The biggest robbery ever told) in 2002, La caja Kovak (The Kovak box) in 2006, El niño (The Kid) in 2014.

With Celda 211 in 2010 and El niño, Daniel Monzón became one of the most important directors of Spain,  but he isn’t known around the world.

Strong script and beloved characters

This jail is small and suffocating is a place where death, pain and betray are common. Where life and hope are almost unknown and where the human rights are non-existent for the ones who live in those cells.

This films is hard and bloody. The actor Luís Tosar plays the role of Malamadre. The fierce guy with a heart, is the soul of the film. We love and hate him.

It is unbelievable how people can transform themselves because they are hopeless and violent. They fight because they are desperate.

Alberto Ammann plays the functionary Juan, who has a giant evolution. We suffer with him and believe in people. He doesn’t belong in this jail and is most in dangerous to be eaten by the beasts. But as time goes by, Juan doesn’t know who is more dangerous, the ones in jail or the ones who keep an eye on them.

The script is hard and realistic, Monzón made every character different and credible. He never lost control of the story.  The images are strong and the editing made the film fast-paced.

Every actor played an unbelievable role. They are credible. The cast and the strong script are definitely the reasons of the film’s success.

Text: Raquel Guardia, video: ©youtube, pictures: ©Google