Artificial intelligence: we have no control of its evolution

What do we really know about the artificial intelligence? Pixabay

It seems like currently every day could be counted as a year. The rhythm of life got so fast that I can’t help but wonder if the Earth increased its speed as well. We’re rushing to get everything done as quickly as possible and for this, we need much more than the mother nature gave us. Here comes technology. This is our lifeline. 

Our demand created an authentic technological boom. Thanks to it, we can become more efficient in everything, literally everything, from peeling an orange to building a house or even a spaceship, or a fleet of spaceships. Now it seems like we’ve got it all. But have we?

One of the latest tech breakthroughs is definitely the development of artificial intelligence. Wow! We did get so far in this race. Now it’s only a matter of time until robots could teach our kids and conduct surgeries on a daily basis even without human surveillance.

In the last century, we more or less figured out how the human organism works. But what do we really know about artificial intelligence? Can it develop new skills and learn on its own? Yes, it can! Can it observe humans and analyze their actions? Aha. But do we know how far it can get? To what extent can it evolve? Well, no idea.

It could be that we’re just freaking out for no reason. However, you’ve probably heard the story of Amazon’s artificial intelligence device Alexa making a creepy sound of a robotic laughter out of nowhere.

At the same time, we can benefit a lot more from all the technology that is at our disposal nowadays. Some of the examples are pretty unexpected like the one of the Australian murder trial in which a smartwatch was used as evidence for the first time.. It means that soon enough we’ll need a new legislation that can regulate matters like this one. We’ve definitely reached a whole new level in our relationship with technology.

I understand that we’re all humans and we’ve always been afraid of changes. On a subconscious level, we realize that everything unknown can be dangerous. And the fact of rejecting it is simply a display of the basic instinct of self-protection. But the real problem with technology and especially with artificial intelligence is that we’ve created it but now we have absolutely no control of its own evolution and who knows where we can end up.

So, who will be in power? We or technology?


Text: Alexandra Rumiantseva, picture: ©