The Yellow Dog Project: what to do when you see a dog with a yellow ribbon

All dogs need training. © Aram Van den Eynde

When we see a dog walking by, most of us want to pet them. But is that always a good idea? More and more people adopt a dog from a shelter. Those rescued dogs often are traumatised because they were neglected or even abused. That is why a non-profit organisation, The Yellow Dog Project, was established worldwide.

When a dog is wearing a yellow ribbon, it means that they need space or is afraid or in pain after surgery. It’s to warn people not to touch the dog without consent or to come too close with other dogs. When dogs feel like they are in danger, they will want to flee. But when the dog is on a leash and can’t escape they will attack and seriously harm you.

The organisation is active worldwide and wants to provide an education in useful ways to approach a dog. They specifically say that using a yellow ribbon is not an excuse to not properly train your dog. Every dog needs the training to behave while going for walks.

Why awareness is needed
Many owners of dogs with space issues are embarrassed, but Yellow Dog Project wants to emphasise that there are many reasons why dogs have space issues, and a lot of people are experiencing the same problems. 

Important for dog owners that are interested in this project, you have to be aware lots of people don’t know the goal of yellow ribbons. You can’t let your guard down, and you still have to train your dog to get rid of their space issue.

Text and photo: © Aram Van den Eynde