Volkswagen says goodbye to Beetle


German automaker Volkswagen is reportedly going to stop producing the Beetle. Frank Welsch, Volkswagen’s development boss, announced the news at the Geneva motor show.

It’s the end of an era. The car, loved by many, will not be produced again. The production process in Europe will end the following summer, told PR-manager Dennis Homberg from Porsche to NU.nl.

Rich history

Volkswagen’s Beetle was built from 1938 until 2003 and is widely known by many. It was the most famous German car on the market. The car was named after a Beetle because of its form. More than twenty million Beetles were produced between 1937 and 2003. This makes it the most-manufactured car of a single platform on the market.

The person who was responsible for the idea of the Beetle remains unknown. There were rumours that the car was developed by Hungarian Jew Joseph Ganz, but others say that lead engineer Ferdinand Porsche received orders from the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler to create the Beetle. During the Second World War the car was used as propaganda. After the war business started booming and the Beetle became popular.

In 1998 Volkswagen started producing the New Beetle, a modern version of the original Beetle. The New Beetle also got a cabriolet version in 2003. Although the New Beetle shares similarities of the Beetle, it was originally inspired by the Volkswagen Golf.

Future plans

Volkswagen will focus more on the manufacturing of the ID Buzz, an electric remake of the famous hippie bus. Plans for bringing the new van on the market are scheduled for 2022 for the United States, China and Europe.

Text: Elisa Wilms, photo ©Pexels