Wellness Wednesday: how to create your perfect bath

Enjoy the little things in life. © Janne Schellingen

Relaxing is an important step in taking care of your wellbeing. Most ideal is to take a 40-minute bath one hour before going to bed; this helps you sleep better. Taking a bath not only reduces stress, but it’s also as good as speed walking for 30 minutes. But how do you make the perfect bath?

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Step 1: room temperature
An essential aspect of releasing all the stress is making sure the bathroom has the right temperature. The ideal temperature would be around 23 degrees Celsius; this prevents you from being cold when you get out of the bathtub.

Step 2: water temperature
To let your body relax to the fullest, the best temperature for your water is around 34 degrees Celsius. This can vary from person to person, which means you should feel by splashing some water on your wrists. That feeling will represent the temperature you’ll feel when you lie in the bath. Keep in mind that taking a bath isn’t the greenest solution, so be sure to alternate with a nice shower.

Step 3: music
Make a playlist with all your favourite music; this will help you bring your pulse down. According to Susanna Reuhl, a burnout coach, the best type of music to relax with are songs with a slower rhythm than your heartbeat. This playlist contains some relaxing music.

Step 4: comfy bathrobe or pyjamas
Make sure to grab your favourite relaxing outfits, like cosy pyjamas or loose sweatpants and an oversized shirt. You can lay it on the heating to give you a nice, warm feeling when you put your pyjamas on.

Step 5: bath oil or bath salt
There are two things you can use: bath oil or bath salt. Bath oil will protect you from having dry skin. Pour the oil into the water when the bath is half full, so that the oil can spread out. It’s important to limit the use of those oils, so your skin doesn’t get greasy, a few drops will do the job. When you get out of the bathtub, make sure you dry your body carefully so the oil can layer itself onto your skin to hydrate your skin.

If you have swollen or painful muscles, it’s best to use bath salts. This will relax your muscles and help relieve the ache. Because of the natural minerals, bath salts cleanse the skin.

Step 6: candles
To maximise relaxation, you can decorate the bathroom with sweet-scented candles. Always make sure the candles are in a safe place so that it won’t set anything on fire.

Step 7: face mask
Another great way to relax is using a face mask while taking a bath; this makes your face hydrated. Make sure to bring a bowl with cold water and a washcloth because most face masks only last 10 minutes. 

Step 8: tea-time
When you get out of the bathtub, you can always reminisce with a cup of chamomile tea, this helps you fall asleep faster.


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Text: Aram Van den Eynde, photo: © Janne Schellingen