Belgium is known for its rainy seasons and sunny summers. This change in seasons can be harmful to your hair if not treated correctly. But there is a way to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. 

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Save it for a rainy day
Belgium has a lot of rainy days, windy days or a mix of both. This can lead to frizzy hair gone loose. But there are a few things you can do to keep it sleek. One thing that could help is trying to keep your hair dry using an umbrella or hood. Rain is full of dirt and acid, which can harm your hair. 

Of course, this is easier said than done, this is why it’s best to wash your hair twice a week to get the dirt out off your hair, but this varies from person to person. ‘When you feel the scalp becoming dry or greasy, that’s when it’s optimal to wash your hair’, says hairdresser Stefan Van Rompaey. Make sure to massage the shampoo deep into the scalp to reach any residue left by the rain. Best is to choose a mild type of shampoo.

Another thing to avoid is tying your hair. When hair is wet, it’s very fragile, and by tying it down, it will trap the water in your hair and gives it a frizzy look. If you have to strap your hair together, make sure it’s a loose ponytail or bun.

Windy days
The most important tip for windy days is to avoid styling your hair with heat, like a hairdryer or straightener. If you do want to straighten or dry your hair, make sure to use caring hair products. The wind tends to blow your hair in your face; that’s why we want to tie our hair. The best option for tying your hair is using a bun or making a braid, so nothing gets tangled.

Make sure to feed your hair with hair products. © Kautar Doukali

Let the sun shine
In Belgium, we have sunny summers. We enjoy going to the beach or having drinks on the cafe terrace. But all this sunshine on your hair can be damaging for people with porous hair. In this condition, your hair follicles are cracked which leads to the loss of water and therefore very dry hair. The sun will evaporate the water that’s left in your hair.

An obvious solution is avoiding the sun, but that means you’d have to stay all summer indoors. So we’ll look for other options. An easy thing to do is wearing a hat to protect you from the sun. Avoiding hair spray can help as well; the chemicals in those sprays will lead to an even dryer look when combined with too much sunshine.

If you decide to spend the day at the beach or in a swimming pool, make sure to rinse your hair before and after you get in the water. The clean water will prevent chemicals from going into your hair follicles. It can’t keep everything out, so it’s important to rinse your hair again after swimming quickly.

Lastly, you can use hair products that will nourish your hair. Those products often contain oils that will feed your hair and silicons to make your hair water repellent. Most products also include UV filters that’ll protect your hair against UV radiation from the sun.

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 Text: Aram Van den Eynde, photos: © Kautar Doukali and Aram Van den Eynde