Second Flemish wolf dies in car crash

The that was hit, was from the Netherlands. The wolf in the picture is not the same one. ©Pexels

Belgium’s second wolf died in a car crash in Neeroeteren, province of Limburg, on Sunday morning.

Naya, the first wolf in Flanders after hundred years, almost had a partner. There were sightings of a wolf and dead sheep in the region. Suspicions of a new wolf that found its way to Belgium arose. The love story was short. The male wolf got by a car near the Opoeterseweg in Neeroeteren. The remains were transferred to the Nature Help Centre in Opglabbeek for further investigation.

It becomes clear that wolves set their interests on Belgium. Naya was the first one to settle in the region of the military domain of Leopoldsburg. She was equipped with a tracking device so she can be tracked. That way scientists knew Naya was not the one responsible for the sheep murders.

Text: Elisa Wilms, photo ©Pexels